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Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 Player plugin that allows you to link to your amazon S3 bucket and sets up a HTML5 Player playlist (horizontal or vertical). This plugin will support MP3 files only.

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player is not associated in any way to

Get Self Hosted Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player for WordPress just in $15

You will need an amazon account to use this.

AWS access info

Add your amazon information amazon key and amazon secret key. Then just add the bucket to your account add folders.

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player Options

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player Options

Make sure you have public permission for all your music in your S3 buckets and folders.

S3 Management Console

S3 Management Console

Shortcode for Page or Post

[html5aws3mp3 player=”horizontal” bucket=”BUCKET” endpoint=”BUCKET-ENDPINT” folder=”FOLDER/”]

Plugin Page

Amazon S3 Error Handling

AWS CloudFront with PHP

Create sub buckets on amazon s3

Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player is not associated in any way to


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My Best Wishes with MP3

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yum install cronjob

Cron is a daemon that can be used to schedule the execution of recurring tasks according to a combination of the time, day of the month, month, day of the week, and week.

Install crond/crontab on linux:

# yum install vixie-cron crontabs
# /sbin/chkconfig crond on
# /sbin/service crond start

set default editor for crontab:
# export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano

Setup crontab:
# crontab -e
1 2 3 4 5 /path/to/command arg1 arg2


* 1: Minute (0-59)
* 2: Hours (0-23)
* 3: Day (0-31)
* 4: Month (0-12 [12 == December])
* 5: Day of the week(0-7 [7 or 0 == sunday])
* /path/to/command – Script or command name to schedule

* * * * * command to be executed
– – – – –
| | | | |
| | | | —– Day of week (0 – 7) (Sunday=0 or 7)
| | | ——- Month (1 – 12)
| | ——— Day of month (1 – 31)
| ———– Hour (0 – 23)
————- Minute (0 – 59)


* * * * * env php -q /var/www/html/cron.php

How to run cronjobs per second?



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Better Solution for Filtering Bad Words in PHP

I was searching for filtering Bad Words from my site……

I have visited so many links on google but…. 😦

Here is my simple logic for filtering Bad Words from site or any search engine

First you have to make a txt file “badwords.txt” or you can search from google

Google Keyword: badwords + filetype:txt

Copy “badwords.txt” to your site and use below code for removing these words from site…..


// here file_get_contents() used for getting $badwords as a string

$badwords = strtolower(file_get_contents(“badwords.txt”));

// here $q is string used for checking against badwords

$pos = strpos($badwords, strtolower($q));

if ($pos !== false)

if(strstr($badwords, strtolower($q)) || strchr($badwords, strtolower($q)))
die(‘Website has blocked unwanted contents…. please try for legal keywords!’);


Enjoy with 🙂

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Oscommerce – Features

Features of Oscommerce

Features of Oscommerce

* Multi language

* Content Management

~ WYSIWYG editor integrated into the shop admin to allow easy entering    of    HTML and uploading of images
~ Add text to your category pages – great for SEO and providing information
~ Content Management System – no more FTP and working with PHP files – amend text for information pages (homepage, delivery, about us etc) from the shop admin
~ Enable / Disable categories (and all contained products) at the click of one button
~ Take control of your product display and choose the sort order for each product
~ Select which products appear on your homepage with “showcase”
~ NEW! Reports for orders, sales, tax, products in HTML and CSV (Excel) format
~ NEW! Attribute Manager with Ajax & bulk management

* Marketing tools
~ Affiliate Scheme integrated into your shop, allowing you to offer commission on successful referrals
~ Discount Coupons & Gift Vouchers integrated into shop
~ Downloadable PDF Catalogue: create a PDF catalogue from your shop’s database
~ Professional Mail List Manager with HTML templates, subscribe/unsubscribe links and option to set up multiple mailing list. Customers can subscribe to the mail list with their name & email address (without the need to set up an account). Double opt in option (verify email).
~ NEW! Multiple product images (up to 4) with lightbox effect
~ NEW! Cross Sell module with Ajax & category bulk application

* Search-engine friendly
~ Ultimate SEO URLs: built in search-engine friendly URLs for best spider results
~ Dynamic Metatags: automatically create metatags from the product description
~ Site Map / All Products: two additional pages featuring your shop’s products

* Online payment facilities
~ Multi-currency support
~ VAT support
~ Pay Pal IPN, Nochex, Pay by cheque, Pay by bank transfer are included
~ Other payment modules are available on request (see add-on section)

* Delivery options
~ Charge shipping as flat rate, per item, per weight or per order total
~ Or base your Delivery charges on weight or price and the delivery country, inc. an “email for quote” message for defined countries
~ UK Royal Mail shipping module for 1st & 2nd Class Standard / Recorded, Special Delivery, Standard Parcels, Surface Mail, Parcel Force 48


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Free online photo editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor. Fix, adjust and filter your images. Manage your images in your browser!



Get creative images with the free online photo editor and fix with the image express (crop, resize, rotate, flip etc)! Jump in and get going within 2 seconds!


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Create TCPDF PHP Fonts

TCPDF supports TrueTypeUnicode (UTF-8 Unicode), OpenTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, CID-0 and Core (standard) fonts.

You will find font creation utility at fonts/utils of TCPDF… copy desired font to fonts/utils/svnlabs.ttf

* For TrueTypeUnicode

# cd /var/www/html/tcpdf/fonts/utils

# ttf2ufm -a -F svnlabs.ttf

# php -q makefont.php svnlabs.ttf svnlabs.ufm

* For embedded fonts to tcpdf PDF file.. copy the resulting svnlabs.php, svnlabs.z and svnlabs.ctg.z to fonts folder








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Exclude folders from zip – tar

TARTape Archive  (application/x-tar)

tar svnlabs

TAR - svnlabs

A common archive format used on Unix-like systems. Generally used in conjunction with compressors such as gzip, bzip2, compress or xz to create .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.Z or tar.xz files.

# tar -cvvf foo.tar foo/ –exclude=”/home/svnlabs”

# tar -cvzpP –file=/home/backup.tar.gz –exclude={/dev/*,/proc/*,/sys/*,/tmp/*} /

tar work with directory “/” except for /dev, /proc, /sys, /tmp 🙂

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Install MP4Box

MP4Box is a multimedia package used for  conversion, splitting, hinting, dumping and others.

zlib is a software library used for data compression. zlib was written by Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler and is an abstraction of the DEFLATE compression algorithm used in their gzip file compression program.


Download latest “gpac-0.4.5.tar.gz” & “gpac_extra_libs-0.4.5.tar.gz” from above link……

# wget
# wget

# tar -zxf gpac-0.4.5.tar.gz
# tar -zxf gpac_extra_libs-0.4.5.tar.gz
# cd gpac_extra_libs
# cp -r * ../gpac/extra_lib
# cd ../gpac
# chmod +x configure

# yum install zlib*

# ./configure
# make lib
# make apps
# make install lib
# make install
# cp bin/gcc/ /usr/lib


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Install git on linux

Git is a free distributed revision control, or software source code management project with an emphasis on being fast. Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development.

Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server.

Install git
# wget
# tar zxvf git-1.6.1.tar.gz
# cd git-1.6.1
# ./configure
# make && make install

# git clone git://central.server/path/to/proj.git




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