How to run cronjobs per second?

21 Aug

Have you checked my previous article on cronjobs…

To run cronjob per second you have to execute crontab/cronjob per minute and then have to run task in cron file per second using PHP function time_sleep_until().


$start = microtime(true);



/// here is the tasks which need to run per second…


time_sleep_until($start + $ii + 1);
} // end for

if (!function_exists(‘time_sleep_until’))
function time_sleep_until($future)
if ($future < time())
trigger_error(“Time in past”, E_USER_WARNING);
return false;

usleep(($future – microtime(1))*1000000);
return true;


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  1. Medicine Ball Exercises

    September 21, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    nice post. thanks.


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