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Nik Daum


Ex-colleague from W+K Portland who visited India recently. His blog makes for interesting reading. His take on Delhi is hilarious. Some splendid pictures too.

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And you thought Nokia were just into cellphones

Seen at Palika Bazaar today.

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15 minutes with Parul


Parul Sharma was born 13 August 1983. Same day as Sridevi. She’s a Delhi girl, born and raised in the capital.

First Job >
Sahara Airlines. She’s traveled all over the place on account of her stints with Sahara and IndiGo. She didn’t mind her previous job too much but says it isn’t her cup of tea. Too many angry people asking for stuff. All the effin time.

Childhood Ambition > An astronaut but changed her mind later because she didn’t like the outfits.

Fondest Memory > Her wedding day.

Favourite Book > Her latest obsession is British author Sophie Kinsella. She finds the lead character Rebecca Bloomwood hilarious and cites Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice a real role model.

Last purchase > A pair of musical hairbands as a farewell gift for her new BFFs Lucia & Himali (Tom & Joe).

Predictions > In the future, Shah Rukh will opt for major facial reconstruction and turn into a vague, creepy thing like MJ. Noida will become cool. (Thinks for a minute, then changes her mind.) Noida will never be cool. She likes trains and thinks Laloo will make the Railways really snazzy.

If she were made Queen for a day > She would give 90% off on all big cars. Only to women. She also clarifies that it would apply only to the BMW 7 series, Audi Q7 and A8 and the Mercedes S Class. Cause all the other cars are just crappy.

Did we mention she’s a Delhi girl?

Parul is Executive Assistant at W+K Delhi

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An artist has to suffer for his art


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