smarty caching problem

31 Mar

we can use {dynamic} for blocking perticular section of page to cache!


$smarty = new Smarty;
smarty->caching = true;

function smarty_block_dynamic($param, $content, &$smarty) {
return $content;
$smarty->register_block(‘dynamic’, ‘smarty_block_dynamic’, false);



{insertx name=photo_link assign=plink pid=$smarty.section.san.index}


here the section photo_link will not cached it is the dynamic block.

“insertx” is the plugin for insert tag used in smarty template files

function smarty_function_insertx($params, &$smarty)


$smarty->assign($params[‘assign’], $func($params));
return $func($params);

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    September 16, 2009 at 11:52 am

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